Covid 19 Response Plan and Risk Assessments

Our Covid 19 Response Plan and Risk Assessments are available here. Please click on the document name to read.


Covid 19 Response Plan 2021-2022   

Covid 19 Response Plan 2021-2022 (Revised 1/12/2021)


Covid 19 Risk Assessment 2021-2022     

Covid 19 Risk Assessment 2021-2022 Revised 1/12/2021      



COVID 19 School Response Plan 2020-2021

 Please follow the links below for all information relating to our School's COVID 19 Response Plan

Please be mindful that these documents are working documents and will be subject to change in light of any new information and public health advice.

COVID 19 Policy Statement

COVID 19 Risk Assessment

COVID 19 Action Plan for school re-opening

Information Letters for Parents 2020-2021

Letter No. 1 10/08/2020

Letter No. 2 17/08/2020

Letter No. 3 20/08/2020

Letter No. 4 25/08/2020

Letter No. 5  04/09/2020

Letter No. 6  30/09/2020 : What happens if we have a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the school

 Advice for Parents

Information from HSE for parents